The 3rd Generation Video CDN

Hola Video CDN

Faster and more reliable, because we're built for video


Faster start and higher bitrates

  • HolaCDN's fast-start serversare located close to the viewer, and contain only the first few chunks of each video, ensuring a high cache hit rate and a WOW! factor start time, even on long tail content
  • When sensing that a server is not filling up the buffer fast enough, switches CDN server mid-stream seamlessly, ensuring less buffering and higher bitrates
  • Avoids bitrate reduction by switching to faster servers midstream
  • HolaCDN caches video by chunks distributed across several servers around the world, enabling caching of much larger libraries. This approach reduces cache misses and load on the origin server, making long tail video distribution practical.

More reliable

Lower fail rates and reduced buffering


3rd generation drives down costs, simplifies pricing

  • 1¢/GB to any geography, no minimum commitments
  • No minimum commitments, no setup fees, all features included
  • Enables you to work with multiple CDNs to drive down pricing. Midstream switching between CDNs increases reliability and optimizes costs
  • Keep your existing player, just add one line of JS code

Monitor video user experience in real-time

Stop guessing what your users see - experience it with video analytics and real-time alerts

The HolaCDN client side code collects statistics about your users’ viewing activity and displays them on the HolaCDN QoE dashboard. Log in to view the key video metrics: Start time, seek time, video quality and more, filtered by country, city, browser, OS, device, and even ISP
The HolaCDN dashboard is free and always will be, even if you don’t stream via HolaCDN
Add a single line of JS code to your video page, and instantly get QoE data to your dashboard. Already integrated with: VideoJS, JWPlayer, Kernel Player, Flow Player, and more. Easily adapted to other players
The dashboard presents a side-by-side comparison between your existing CDNs, to let you evaluate performance and cost benefits
Live dashboard

Multi-CDN switcher

As the video plays, let multiple CDNs compete for the upcoming slices of streaming video

The Hola Multi-CDN manager frees you from the restraints of using just one CDN, and effortlessly enables you to allocate video streaming to several CDNs
If you are already using multiple CDNs, Multi-CDN manager gives you insight and control over distribution and performance of each CDN, by collecting and aggregating viewing activity details. Compare QoE parameters and match them with pricing plans - so you could make educated decisions on when and how to use each CDN
Allocation of CDN usage can be optimized automatically by the Multi-CDN manager, for quality, cost effectiveness, and more. Manual allocation can be used for fine-tuning and A/B testing
Multi-CDN manager can be instantly implemented. It’s free now and always will be, even if you don’t stream via HolaCDN
Live Multi-CDN

HolaCDN ad-booster

3rd generation CDN. New generation of profitability

Measure ad metrics

See your key ad metrics in the HolaCDN dashboard

Track video ads loaded, completed, timed out, and skipped by viewers
Track video performance metrics (start time, buffering)

Improve video ads

Cut the painful ads to video transition to increase revenue

First frame of video ad loads faster, using HolaCDN Fast Start servers
While the ad is playing, HolaCDN pre-loads the video which follows the ad, reducing buffering between the two videos to a minimum

Starting to use HolaCDN

Improve your streaming. Keep your workflows

Add one line of JS to your site

Client-side architecture means no need to install any software, and no need to replace your current player

Measure your CDN QoE

Measure the performance of your CDN, and how it affects viewing experience

Enable HolaCDN and compare

Compare the performance of CDNs in a multi-CDN environment

Don't rip out your CDN, just add Hola. Faster and easy

Simple pricing

Disruptive technology creates disruptive costs

No setup fee,
no minimum commitment,
same price in all regions.



From the first GB, worldwide.