The 3rd Generation Video CDN

Top brands trust us with their video traffic

RTL Croatia streams with HolaCDN
Mako streams the “Big Brother”
with HolaCDN
Better video delivery
comes at a reduced price

How do we make your video amazing?

Insert the Hola JS tag to...
Measure the real user experience with Hola Video Analytics. It's free!
Analytics and alerts on actual user experience.
Turn on Hola streaming for faster, more reliable streaming
Mid-stream switching chooses the fastest server for each chunk.
Reduce cost
Mid-stream switching reduces streaming costs
Simple business model. Same price from the first GB, to any geography. Always cheaper than your existing CDN.

Mid-stream switching

Traditional CDNs
Streaming the whole video from a nearby server creates congestion and slow response times at peak hours.
Hola Video CDN
Start the stream from nearby servers, and continue from less congested geographies. Faster start times, higher bitrates and lower costs.

Got Google Analytics? Get Hola Video Analytics!

It's like Google Analytics for your video — and it's free
"Google Analytics" to measure video delivery
Free to use with your existing CDN
Integrate using one line of JS code
Compare multiple CDNs
Live dashboard

Using multiple CDNs yet?
Hola CDN switcher makes that trivial

The only CDN multiplexer that is based on actual user experience, NOT on generic network parameters

Simple, Pay As You Go pricing

Disruptive technology creates disruptive costs
Video Analytics
Video Player
Bandwidth saver
No setup fee. No minimum commitment. Same price in all regions.

Starting to use HolaCDN

Improve your streaming. Keep your workflows
Simply add one line of JS
No changes to workflows. No changes to existing CDN. No changes to current player.
Measure your CDN QoE
Measure the performance of your CDN, and how it affects viewing experience.
Enable HolaCDN and compare
Measure HolaCDN performance boosts and costs savings with one click.
Don't rip out your CDN, just add Hola. Fast and easy.